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Not everyone is happy with their smile. Anything apart from perfection in this day and age is often picked apart, criticised and commented on. This can seriously impact your or (if you have one) your teenager’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

Education on acceptance and self-love is important, but your dentist in Hounslow is also available to provide you with a range of options available to not only boost your confidence in the appearance of your teeth, but to also make your smile healthier.

A straighter, whiter smile is generally a more healthy one as tightly packed teeth, or teeth that cross over, can harbour bacteria and food debris that can cause cavities, decay, disease and infection. By using one of the many teeth straightening devices that your dentist in Hounslow has available, you can perfect and align your teeth in a long-lasting way that improves your ability to bite, chew and speak properly, whilst giving you a smile you are proud to share.

When you have your teeth regularly cleaned by a dentist in Hounslow, you are not only allowing yourself a cleaner and often, whiter smile to enjoy, you are also removing this damaging plaque and tartar from your teeth. Tartar is stubborn and therefore cannot easily be removed. We need to use specialised tools only available in a dental practice to remove this sticky cement and we trust that a ‘just brushed’ clean feeling is well worth the effort to come in and see us.

What other cosmetic services are available

What other cosmetic services are available?

Some of us want to enjoy having picture-perfect teeth without having to go through several years of treatment plans in order to achieve them. You may have only a slight misalignment of your visible teeth that may not warrant braces, or your visible teeth may be chipped, broken, damaged or discoloured beyond the repair of teeth whitening treatments.

In these situations, and many more, we can offer porcelain veneers as a reasonable and very effective option to perfect your smile. Otherwise known as a smile makeover, when using this treatment plan to its full potential, you can have perfectly shaped, perfectly white and perfectly even teeth in as little as three sessions, from consultation to completion.

Veneers are essentially thin shells, not unlike false nails, that are made from a very durable material suitable for your teeth. We glue them on to the outer surface of your visible teeth and they can last over a decade when cared for correctly.

It is possible that they can chip and break just like normal teeth. You must repair them, so understand that they are a lifelong commitment once you have begun.

Most people however, never look back after having this procedure done. Porcelain veneers can allow them to smile comfortably and confidently with teeth that suit their face, look absolutely perfect and protect their teeth all at the same time.

We do need to remove a very thin layer of enamel in order to roughen the surface of your teeth for the cement to properly bond the shell to your teeth. This can cause sensitivity which should pass within a few days, but this is something to consider before continuing with the treatment plan.

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